Posted: Wednesday, 05 February 2014 8:30AM

Ask-A-Trooper: More DMS Signs?

Sgt. Jacalyn Sticha
Minnesota State Patrol

Question: I have seen lighted message signs telling drivers about problems, crashes, ice, etc. Are we going to use them in southern Minnesota? 
Answer: These signs are called Dynamic Message Signs [DMS] and are placed at interchanges, chronic congestion areas and icy length of roads, and to effectively relay safety and transportation related messages, emergency Homeland Security messages and Amber Alerts. You will not find these signs promoting commercial events or entities.
These signs are used when the need is real and immediate, and the posted messaging is clear and concise.
Mankato has a new set of DMS, displaying both directions on Highway 14, near the river and Highway 169. This area is always first to ice up and the pre-warning will help reduce speeds and crashes, as well as let drivers exit prior to the  affected stretch of road. DMS will display a variety of simple messages, such as ICY BRIDGE AHEAD – CRASH AHEAD EXIT NOW – USE CAUTION – HWY CLOSED. If you heed DMS warnings, your travels will be more fluid, safer and much less frustrating.
These signs also will  message before and during Toward Zero Death Enhanced Enforcement Waves:  EXTRA DWI ENFORCEMENT – EXTRA SEATBELT ENFORCEMENT –  SLOW DOWN SPEED KILLS. It is no secret we take these enforcement campaigns seriously, and we want drivers to drive safely and make smart decisions behind the wheel.

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