6th Annual Big Buck Contest
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Paddles was a 8.5 year old buck that we have been after for a lot of years. We have thousands of images on camera of him and he has lost a lot of inches since he was 6.5 years old. Like many bucks, come hunting season he just seemed to disappear and over the years we have had numberous encounters with this deer but nothing close enough. On opening weekend of archery season I spotted him coming out of a thicket about 150 yards from where I was, and he never got any closer. It was five days until I could get back out, and lucky for me there was a NW wind, and the only wind able to hunt a set that I put over where he came out earlier in the week. I snuck out of work early of Friday the 20th, and crawled across an open field as I know he usually was bedded only about 50-100 yards away. I got in the stand about 1:30 and over the course of the night saw a number of deer. About 6:00 a few small bucks fed out into the field, and following behind them was Paddles! The four deer worked their way into the field at 60 yards, and fed to about 40. He stayed there for what seemed like hours. Passing on the shot because the other deer had moved closer, after about 15 minutes, he turned and walked right in. As he crossed behind a branch, I moved into a shooting position and he must have caught some motion. We stared at each other for a number of minutes, and he settled down, turned broadside, and I made a really good shot at 15-20 yards. He ran off about 120 yards and fell. Tipping the scales at 304 pounds and all the memories from the past three years more than make up for the lost inches as his horns shrank from 6-7 and 7-8. But I am so grateful that I finally caught up with him and he will always be my favorite buck.


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