6th Annual Big Buck Contest
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Amanda's 1st archery buck!
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I’ve been deer hunting with my bro and dad since they would finally let me go with - so somewhere around 12 years old (just turned 30 the weekend before this year’s bow opener - Happy Big 30 Buck to me!) and bowhunting for the last 4 years. That morning, I hiked to my stand the near the top of the hill, hoping to see a few does to make the hike worthwhile, but didn't have any high expectations. Just before 7:30am I hear some rustling, saw antlers, and grabbed my bow from the hanger while shaking like a leaf. Looked again, saw more antlers, and they were bigger yet! A fork, followed by a shooter 8, then this 10 pointer with velvet hanging from his antlers were only about 20 yds away, level with my stand on the hill, walking a trail that goes about 10-15 yds behind my stand. I waited for an opening to get standing. Somehow the shaking ended as I just went through the motions and drew my bow. I locked on the 10 and followed him into the next opening and let it fly! I saw a mark in his fur where it looked like my arrow had gone in, and knew it was a solid hit. Then the shaking started up again! He only went about 60 yds. I've had my close calls with big bucks, but hadn't been able to harvest a big guy...till now!


8-Point Buck

Kents 9 pointer


First Big Buck 2013

my buck

2 bucks opening morning

First Bow Buck

Maija's 8 Point

Doe chaser

hard Work

lucky stars



DarRacks First Buck 2013

Jamie's 9 pt

8 point sunrise

Suzys Buck



Big 10 Point with Bladed Brow Tines

Nates river bottom buck

nice rack

For Dad

First Buck

Jayden's 1st buck

Iowa Buck

1st deer shot!

Calvin's 12 pt. buck

Big Old Mankato 8 Pointer

nice 8

2013 Big Buck

10 pt. Buck

Steven's 10 point buck

10 point Granite Falls Buck

2013 Archery Whitetail Bruser

2013 Archery Buck

Jake's 10 point

Brittney's 9 Point Buck

Oh, deer!

10 point split Tyne

2013 12 pt

Megan's buck

First buck

Tom's 10pt Buck

Ted's Big Buck

Ted's Sunday Buck

8 point buck

Main Frame 10

3rd main beam buck

8 point buck

Badlands Buck

ten point buck

Archery 12 Point, Double Drop Tine Split Brow Tine Buck


2013 Bow Buck - Sept. 28th

2013 8 point

Archery Big Buck 2013

Amanda's 1st archery buck!

Tffini and her 1st deer